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Acu-Pac I.G.G. Boostter

What is Colostrum?
Colostrum is the first natural food produced by female mammals during 24-36 hours directly after giving birth.Chemically, colostrum is a very complex fluid rich in nutrients , antibodies provide passive immunity to the new born calf , whereas the growth of the gut

The other antimicrobial components of colostrum includes lactoferrin , lysozyme and lactoperoxidase . Bovine colostrum has also been used as a raw material for immunonoglublin - rich commercial product.(IMMUNE MILK PREPARATION)

These products can be given orally to patiens who are suffering infections of the gastrointestial tract or in order to prevent these infections. Usually, however the cow have to be hiper immunized against micro organisms, if specific anti-bodies are required.

Several animal studies have shown that the growth factor in Bovine Colostrum, especially insulin like growth factor, stimulate all growth in gut. Bovine Colustrum is also known to contain insulin, transforming growth FACTOR B and related growth factors, but their funvtion in colostrum is not fully understood.

Why for Children?
Half a given scoops of ACU-PAC COLOSTRUM to be added with children's milk formulations. ACU-PAC COLOSTRUM contains essential nutrients which helps children develop mentally and physically. Consuming ACU-PAC COLOSTRUM,helps sick children to recover fast.

Why for Adults and Elderly?
ACU-PAC COLOSTRUM is imported directly from NEW ZEALAND DAIRT product supplier, which produces high grade COLOSTRUM milk powder with IGG 550mg and LACTOFERRINS 450mg.consistent consumption of ACU-PAC COLOSTRUM helps the immunity system, and is highly recommended to be taken on empty stomach. With an increased rate consumption daily, releaves physical stress. If refrigerated, should be consumed within 12 hours

Direction to Prepare.
Add directed number of scoops to 200ml of Lukewarm (30 C) or cold water and stir well.
Do not mix ACU-PAC COLOSTRUM in hot water. For better taste chill, before consuming.

Dosage for Adults.
Average 20gm to 60gm in divided dose i.e. 2 scoops to 6 scoops in 24 hours.

Dosage for Children.
Average 10gm to 30gm in divided dose i.e. 1 scoop to 3 scoops in 24 hours.


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