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  # 1 choice for pharmacy products & lab test in Ipoh, Malaysia.
Our Vision
To profitably carve a niche in customized mobile mammography solutions, supply of medical equipments, pharmaceutical, disposable and support services.
To provide a challenging environment for growth, development and advancement of our people whilst making a strong contribution to the requirement of the nation to be the premier healthcare centre in the region.

Our Mission
To consistently exceed our customer's expectations by developing, designing and delivering relevant and timely solutions based on the needs of our customers.


Company Motto
In delivering our mobile mammography solutions, high end medical equipments and support services, we strongly believe in upholding the following principles :
- We abide by the basic principles of professional conduct.
- We work as a team with our clients in developing and designing the "best fit" solution.
- We tailor our solution to the learner / user profile.
Our solutions would meet the rigor of being relevant, meaningful, cost effective, easy implemented and user friendly.


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