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  Also known as FARMASI R.S Sdn.Bhd a well Known Pharmacy Store in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
R.S Pharmacy is a leading medical and pharmaceutical supplier in Ipoh, Malaysia. R.S Pharmacy is driven by its core business namely, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical and medical products. We have been established in pharmaceutical and veterinary product supply for the pass 17 years and moving fowards providing the best service and products to our customers.
What we do?
At R.S Pharmacy we take pride to provide you will all pharmaceutical related services and quality products at affordable price.
  Sole Distributor
  Medical Supplier
  Veterinary products
  Why us?
Understanding your health & medical needs is our main priority. In R.S Pharmacy we sell confidence and trust in which our customers believes for decades.
4 years actively involved in supplying KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN and JABATAN PERKHIDMATAN HAIWAN for medicine, veterinary medicine, instruments, lab apparatus, diagnostics and etc.
  I.G.G. Boost
LColostrum is the first natural food produced bt female mammals during 24-36 hours directly after giving birth.
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Nutri Boost
Suitable for weight Management, reduce Cholestrol, build immunity and many more.
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